Hemp has been around for centuries. Our ancestors planted these magnificent plants. Almost every piece of the hemp was used in some ways: clothing, ropes, food, medicine and many more.
In 2018 the Farm Bill Act deregulated the hemp industry and made hemp 100% legal. This is an enormous victory as our body thrives on this amazing plant.

Why Is Hemp Important For Our Body?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) modulates and regulates nearly all psychological and cognitive processes, including
our immune system,
our nervous system,
our detoxification pathways,
and many more.

As we age our body loses its capabilities to support the Endocannabinoid system from within. We need to get help from an outside source. That is where Hemp comes in. Hemp has phytocannabinoids that can easily support our system. When we take Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract we are refilling our ECS, helping and supporting our body to find it’s way back to balance.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hemp?

  • Promotes better focus
  • Restores mental clarity
  • Gets rid of brain fog
  • Revitalizes cognitive functions
  • Aids our sleep cycle
  • Helps relieve physical discomfort
  • Lifts up the mood

My Story

A few years ago if you had asked me about hemp I would have drawn my eyebrows together as I always thought hemp was marijuana and I didn’t want to do anything with it.. How wrong I was.

During my Functional Nutrition training I listened to a lecture about the Endocannabinoid System and learned how important it is to our bodies to be able to fully function. I got in touch with the presenter and she gave me a sample of Focus.

Since I have thyroid problems and Hashimoto’s I have been struggling with mood swings and brain fog. I have been quite irritable too.

I started my Focus Hemp extract with half the dose, as I never tried cannabinoid products before. After a few days I noticed that I was so much lighter in mood, felt happier and things did not bothered me as much as before. A month in, during one dinner my son told me how much he liked me like this. He told me that I didn’t jump to conclusions, and I actually listened to him. This was the biggest compliment I have gotten from my son. I felt the difference after a few days taking Focus, this amazing hemp extract but when someone else notices your change that is huge.

Since then, I put my son on half a dose daily to help him with online learning and with all the ups and downs that comes with being a teenager. His behavior has shifted wonderfully. He became focused and his grades have improved tremendously.

This is just my story but there are thousand of success stories out there from people who have been suffering from many different diseases. Introducing hemp helped my family, and I believe it could help you and your loved ones too.

Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation.– Thomas Jefferson

FOCUS brings organic CBG to the spotlight (the stem cell of the Hemp plant). Together with CBD and seven active terpenes, Focus supports our mind and body by lifting our mood, helping with concentration, and mental clarity.

Focus is delivered to the brain fast and gives a long lasting therapeutic effect.

CALM brings our body to a restful, peaceful state. It helps quite the noise in our heads and let’s us enjoy our days without worry.

It promotes fast relaxation to the whole body and mind.

PrimeMyBody Hemp products are:
  • scientifically proven and have ongoing research studies done. Read the study with ex-NFL players HERE.
  • grown organically. Hemp can actually absorb toxins from the soil so this is very important to know.
  • including the highest level of CBD and CBG. Focus and Shield has the most CBG content that you can find.
  • are made using Sonicated Nano Technology
  • are THC free, Ethanol free and Non-GMO.
My name is Angela Renee. I first met Andi last July and introduced me to her amazing hemp products. I was suffering from headaches, migraines and seizures. I’ve been taking the oil since August 2020 and I am successfully seizure free since that time. If Andi offers you her hemp products, try them! They will change your life.Angela ReneeLoveland, CO

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